Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Is your spirit becoming rusty? Are you feeling spiritually dry? Are your passions losing the spark of fire? Renew your spirit, reinvent your destiny, ignite your passion and zeal in life, by this Robin Sharma's awe-inspiring masterpiece - The Monk who sold his Ferrari. There comes a time in everyone's life where they begin to realize that its time to follow their calling and purpose in life. It is like an inner instruction telling that they should begin a spiritual journey to rekindle the lost spark in them. Such was the case with Julian Mantle, who lived an unbalanced and chaotic lifestyle that left him in great distress.

Why Mushi-Shi is a Must-Watch for every Anime lover?

Mushi-shi is a perfect concoction of art, music,visual storytelling and writing. The minimalistic approach of storytelling is really impressive but has never lacked in detail or effort. Mushi-Shi has got the best pieces of art which makes it very captivating. The theme is so enchanting in a forest space which makes the viewer feel that they are a part of the scene happening. It is a slice-of-life pace and has a strong ethereal feel.

Book Review: Who will Cry when you Die?

The title of the book "Who will cry when you die" is perfect and apt that it makes the reader realize the importance of living a value-filled lifestyle by leaving a legacy behind. This self help book is very motivating and captivating. It is written in simple and lucid language that explains different ways by which we all could live more relaxed and happy lives. This book is a compelling read which imparts great life lessons that are very promising and amusing.

My Favorite Quotes

Inspiration is essential to keep going in the journey of life. Life is worth living, yet sometimes challenging and unexpected. On tough days, quotes come handy to rekindle your spirit and boost up your faith to keep moving forward without losing your morale.  When you feel low on energy or having a bad day, quotes empower your thinking to get you back on track.